We offer cryptocurrency and blockchain related consultation, analysis and educational services.

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About Binotic

We've been researching the cryptocurrency scene since 2013 and we have succeeded in creating a comprehensive network of top experts in the field.

With that we can say, doing your own research is definitely the best way to learn, but since time is money, we are willing to provide you some informational shortcuts, tips and contacts for you to be able to focus on other things.

We provide services to companies and individuals from personal consultation to educational speeches, either online or on-site. We are actively involved in testing and developing various projects, as well as providing information to the community.

Feel free to send us a message, tell us about your project and what you would need help with. We gladly provide you some guidance.

We also do free educational videos and podcasts about bitcoin with various Youtube channels, including Konsensus Network and World Crypto Network. (Links below)

Niko's and Rafe's ToxiCast

Videos coming soon!


The people working for Binotic:


Rafael Eronen

Founder of Binotic Oy, CEO

Content creator in Konsensus Network and active member of Konsensus Ry. Member of the Board in Blockchain Forum. Specialized in cryptocurrencies, game theory and incentive models.


Aleksi Meldo

Software & Design Specialist

Background in product and software development, UI/UX design. Specialized in developing DApps and blockchain software.

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We work with these companies and networks

Konsensus Network
Wasabi Wallet